• Lesley Rochat Freediving with Sharks

    I swim with sharks to show people that they are not monster man-eaters looking for people to eat.

  • #BeBrave & be prepared to fight for those who cannot speak for themselves.

  • Lesley Rochat Campaigner

    Cowards pay lip service to conservation, activist take action and make a difference.

  • Lesley Rochat Shark Conservationist

    We have little to fear from sharks, they have everything to fear from us.

  • Lesley Rochat

    Our greatest mistake is to assume we are superior to Nature but when we harm other life, we harm ourselves.

  • Lesley Rochat Photography

    Environmental catastrophes are imminent - defeatism is our worst choice, action is our greatest hope.

  • Lesley Rochat teaching children.

    Environmental education promotes sustainable use of natural resources to secure all of humanity & our youth are our future.

  • Lesley Rochat Shark Activist

    We are the sharks greatest predator, their worst enemy – we are also their only hope.

  • Lesley Rochat Shark Warrior

    Our dreams can become our reality if we’re prepared to confront our worst fears, even swim with sharks.

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So very proud to become a PADI AmbassaDiver, and carry their brand, the most conservation driven dive organization in the world…Watch my space!

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