• Lesley Rochat Freediving with Sharks

    I swim with sharks to show people that they are not monster man-eaters looking for people to eat.

  • Lesley Rochat Campaigner

    Cowards pay lip service to conservation, activist take action and make a difference.

  • Lesley Rochat Shark Conservationist

    We have little to fear from sharks, they have everything to fear from us.

  • Lesley Rochat

    Our greatest mistake is to assume we are superior to Nature but when we harm other life, we harm ourselves.

  • Lesley Rochat Photography

    Environmental catastrophes are imminent - defeatism is our worst choice, action is our greatest hope.

  • Lesley Rochat teaching children.

    Environmental education promotes sustainable use of natural resources to secure all of humanity & our youth are our future.

  • Lesley Rochat Shark Activist

    We are the sharks greatest predator, their worst enemy – we are also their only hope.

  • Lesley Rochat Shark Warrior

    Our dreams can become our reality if we’re prepared to confront our worst fears, even swim with sharks.

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A New Year Begins!

What a year 2013 was, we accomplished so much - writing my new blog and creating the slide show gave me a great sense of accomplishment - I invite you to read the blog or just sit back for 3 mins and watch the slide show for a visual journey of our highlights during 2013. 

Thank you for your support during 2013, it meant the world to the sharks, oceans and me! This year is the #BeBrave year, think abundance, think out the box, stretch yourself, face your fears and reach for your stars and keep giving something back to our beautiful Oceans - it is certainly what I'm going to be doing and I look forward to sharing my continued journey in making a contribution toward the conservation of our oceans and sharks during 2014! 

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    #SharkWars & #NoSharkCull

    When we heard that Western Australians Premier, Colin Barnett, aptly called Cullin Barnett, would be in Cape Town to attend a mining conference we realized it was a fantastic opportunity to not only support the #NoSharkCull campaign in Western Australia where 72 drumlines have been …

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    Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

    WATCH 3MINUTE SLIDE SHOW FOR VISUAL SUMMARY OF OUR HIGHLIGHTS IN 2013! Wonder what AfriOceans and I got up to during 2013, where your donations and support went to, why I didn’t answer all my emails? Well, phew is all I can say! 2013, what …

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