• Lesley Rochat Freediving with Sharks

    I swim with sharks to show people that they are not monster man-eaters looking for people to eat.

  • #BeBrave & be prepared to fight for those who cannot speak for themselves.

  • Lesley Rochat Campaigner

    Cowards pay lip service to conservation, activist take action and make a difference.

  • Lesley Rochat Shark Conservationist

    We have little to fear from sharks, they have everything to fear from us.

  • Lesley Rochat

    Our greatest mistake is to assume we are superior to Nature but when we harm other life, we harm ourselves.

  • Lesley Rochat Photography

    Environmental catastrophes are imminent - defeatism is our worst choice, action is our greatest hope.

  • Lesley Rochat teaching children.

    Environmental education promotes sustainable use of natural resources to secure all of humanity & our youth are our future.

  • Lesley Rochat Shark Activist

    We are the sharks greatest predator, their worst enemy – we are also their only hope.

  • Lesley Rochat Shark Warrior

    Our dreams can become our reality if we’re prepared to confront our worst fears, even swim with sharks.

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Lesley Rochat Women Divers Hall of Fame

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Receiving my Women Divers Hall of Fame pin in USA, attending the Beneath the Sea Dive Show in USA, doing a speaking tour at universities in the USA, launching SHARK WARRIOR ADVENTURES WITH LESLEY ROCHAT - see my latest blog, Presenting a series of inspirational talks to Mercedes Benz, locating AfriOceans at Seaforth, right on the beach, developing SWIM LIKE A SHARK for the youth, and soon off to Europe and UK...Watch my space!

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    The time has come to share more of my ocean adventures with others, to also impart my knowledge and skills to the next generation of young conservationist. I’m happy about this decision; it excites me and means I will be in the water more often, …

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    WATCH VIDEO BELOW! Wow, what a way to celebrate Earth Day and launch our new shark awareness campaign! I’ve done some pretty extreme things for shark conservation but our latest campaign, in partnership with Walter Bernardis of African Watersports who was the creative director of …

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