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What I have achieved has a lot to do with many special people that have either worked on projects with me, or supported me and my work in one way or another. The list has grown over the years, some people have come and gone, some to help for a while, a project, maybe a problem, and others have stayed as the backbone of my support –  to all I am filled with gratitude.  In recent times I thank:

Terry Corr: Head of Education at AfriOceans
Leonard Compagno: world-renowned shark expert
Al Venter: author
Charmaine Rochat: Head of Administration at AfriOceans
Marie Levine: Executive Director of Shark Research Institute
Walter Bernardis: owner of African Watersports
Maddie and Susan Cranston: fellow ocean warriors
Mike Ellis: photographer
Val and Mike Fraser: photographers & water babies
Kim Mclean: owner Shark Lady Adventures
Johan Boshof: editor of Divestyle magazine
Murray Jackson: owner of Divesite magazine
Dominick Macan: owner of Dom Dive Advice
Scott Smith: owner of Dolphin Dream
Trevor Hutton: freediving champion
Alex Hofford: photojournalist
Michael Aw: photographer
Wolfgang Leander: shark conservationist
Sophia and Mark von Coller: photographers