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As a woman who has succeeded in a diverse range of careers that span across the arts, the corporate market, the challenging non-profit sector, and now the adventure tourism industry, Lesley brings a unique combination and understanding of what it takes to succeed against all odds.

Her background as an actress and TV presenter makes her at home in front of groups of executives, professionals or students. She has addressed groups from as small as 20 people to crowds as large as 3000 people.

Lesley challenges, inspires, and motivates audiences with an emotionally charged multimedia presentation, which includes her compelling video footage and world-class photography that has documented her work with the oceans and sharks over more than a decade. She not only shares her intimate knowledge of one of the most misunderstood, yet simply awesome animals on our planet, but also her journey to success, one fraught with many difficulties, but conquered with determination, passion and inner conviction.

Dreams we secretly fantasise about can become our reality if we’re prepared to take risks and confront our worst fears, even if it means we must swim with sharks – Lesley Rochat


Conquering Fear | Crystallized Vision | Calculated Risk | Power of Positive Thinking | Self Belief | Key Goal Setting | Protecting the Environment | Inevitable Change | Excellence & Beyond | Leadership

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