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Mighty Maxine, a Shark’s Legacy – Africa Geographic Magazine

Mighty Maxine, a Shark's Legacy - Africa Geographic Magazine

In March 2004 an article I wrote was published in the award winning environmental and conservation magazine, Africa Geographic, about the Maxine, Science, Education and Awareness programme (M-SEA), an AOCA initiative, in collaboration with the Two Oceans Aquarium. Soon thereafter Maxine was satellite tagged and released. Now five years later another article I’ve written has…

Beautiful day and the Smooth Hound Shark

Lesley Rochat Photography - Self Portrait

Sleeping in is difficult for me in general and more so on a beautiful day. “Jeremy, Lesley here, get your butt out of bed, it’s a stunning day and the ocean beckons!” Was the sum of my call to my good friend Jeremy Jowell, well known and talented photographer and journalist. Windmill Beach it was,…

Awesome Dive with Seven Gill Sharks!

Lesley Rochat Photography - Seven Gill Sharks

It’s a beautiful day in False Bay and I’m on Mike’s boat (of Pisces Divers), heading for the seven gill shark dive. I confess I live here but for various reasons I have not done the dive yet. As a shark conservationist it has got to the embarrassing stage: “What, you haven’t dived with them…