A week in the life of…

A week in the life of Lesley Rochat

With a group of children outside the SOS Shark Centre.

Despite the fact that for the first time in about 5 years I have been knocked down with flu, and coughing and sniffing as I write, I have been at it none stop. Since my last blog entry I have been interviewed by another documentary film crew, a German film crew this time and got them to cover our work at the Shark Centre; I have met the London Aquarium deadline (I was creative director for 2 dry displays, which Adam Carnegie worked on with me for the Save Our Seas Foundation); I taught a class of wonderful children at the  Shark Centre (with limited time, I rarely get a chance to teach, Verona, the Centre’s educator does most of the teaching – we have reached over 900 kids in the last 2 weeks with our exciting outreach programmes); I gave a talk to the Rotary Club and after the talk I was asked whether I”ll be running for election (elections are pending), which I took as a compliment – clearly I spoke with conviction; I sorted out part of my messed up edit suite; I had an AOCA strategic planning meeting with the AOCA board of directors, Malcolm Smale, Leonard Compagno, and Charlie Griffiths;

A week in the life of Lesley Rochat

Food for my soul, my new found passion. Photo: Michael Carnegie

I have been working very hard in developing a new campaign with Saatchi & Saatchi ; and last, but most definitely not least,  and after hours when everyone else is sleeping, I have been working like a demon doing the ground work for aggressive lobbying to come, pushing Marine and Coastal Management, the SA fishery department, to get off their rear ends and start fulfilling their obligation to protect our resources, and stop finding so many excuses for suffering from deadly inertia, which is earning them the nickname of Marine and Coastal Mismanagement.  In-between it all, the running and management of the Centre  has me submerged in work… So, when asked, “how was your day?”, or better still, “what did you do today?”, suffice to say my answer is a simple:”Ah, it was great, busy doing lots of different things!” And when I’m not doing all of this , on my day off, I’m trying to catch a wave, or a dive, or a hike , or a horse ride, and feed my soul. If you ever wonder why I go quiet, know I’m just a tad up to my eyeballs! Catch my space later, Lesley

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