Shark Lady joins Shark Warrior

Kim Maclean and Lesley Rochat

Shark Warrior and Shark Lady share fun moments while celebrating their joining of forces. Photos: Jeff Ayliffe – thanks Jeff, you always catch the moment!

Good relationships have a history of events, moments, and experiences, which have developed and accumulated over time, and mine with Shark Lady, Kim Maclean, a strong, determined, passionate and compassionate woman, is one of those.

The history of how Kim and I joined forces to fight for sharks and marine conservation goes back to 2005 when AfriOceans and the Two Oceans Aquarium released Elle, the second shark to be released as part of the M-Sea Programme. Being short of funds I needed to raise money for the one rubber duck that would assist the release and so I ran a raffle – the lucky draw would win the opportunity of joining the team on the special event of the release. Kim determined to win the draw bought about 10 tickets and won! Over the next five years Kim continued to be a fantastic supporter of AfriOceans and generously donated and assisted in extending our educational programmes in Kleinbaai.

And so a relationship of mutual trust and respect grew, resulting in Kim joining AfriOceans and providing space for the organisation at the White Shark Embassy, which will open in the near future, including setting up a new Shark Centre at the Embassy, which Kim will run.

There are many other special women and men doing amazing things for shark and marine conservation and I hope more of us will find each other and unite our efforts – collectively we will be so much more powerful as we wage war against the environmental destruction of our oceans. I hold a vision of an army of ocean warriors. I believe this is what it will take.

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