Successful Trip!

Monterey Bay Aquarium. Photo -Lesley Rochat

Monterey Bay Aquarium. Photo: Lesley Rochat

Jet lagged and happy to be back – what a successful trip! From meetings in London where I am creative director for some new Save Our Seas Foundation displays, to the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival Though we didn’t win any awards, I won many new friends and inspiration by meeting so many wonderful and talented filmmakers and conservationists, all doing such incredible work. Some of the special people I met include David McGuire, award winning filmmaker and founder of Sea Stewards; Arthur and Jennifer Smith of PolarArt Productions – Best Wildlife Award; Roz Savage, Eco-Adventurer doing extraordinary things; Ronald Colby who produced a documentary on Captain Paul Watson for which he won a well deserved award for Best Conservation Film.

The discussion panel on sharks was a great success too, a crowded room and not enough time to address all the questions that ranged from conservation issues to cage diving. Joining me on the panel was David McGuire; Dr. John McCosker (California Academy of Sciences) and Scot Anderson (TOPP program and Point Reyes Bird Observatory); Maria Brown, (Superintendent of the Gulf of the Farallons National Marine Sanctuary); and Dr Leonard Compagno, (AOCA Board Member, and Director of Scientific Research for the Save Our Seas Shark Centre). And once the film festival was over I had a chance to visit the San Francisco Academy of Sciences, the Moss Landing Marine Labs, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and meet up with Dr. Christopher Andrews, Dr. David Erbert, and John O’Sullivan. Thereafter I had meetings with WildAid and The Ocean Channel, promoting our work and securing new opportunities for collaboration.

Amidts the business of conservation, I squeezed in two days at Yosemite National Park during which I found peace hiking in one of the most splendid wonders of the world. Go to my photo gallery to see more images of Yosemite and my trip in general. Now it is back to the Centre and all the exciting things we are doing, which are many!

Till later, Lesley

Yosemite, Half Dome Photo - Lesley Rochat

Yosemite, Half Dome Photo: Lesley Rochat

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