AfriOceans Warriors – Our First Tribe Pledge!

Today was indeed a very significant one in the conservation efforts of AfriOceans. Our unique AfriOceans Warriors Awareness Hike last December launched a new movement in environmental education, in youth empowerment and in conservation awareness. This year, no matter limited funding, and together with our key partners and the Muizenberg High School, we are going full steam ahead in developing the concept into a broader environmental education initiative, which aims for world expansion. This is not just another educational initiative, this is something truly special, and today a significant moment in what will go down in the conservation history of South Africa, if not the world, took place when 60 young learners from Muizenberg High School took the AfriOceans Warrior pledge to establishing the first AfriOceans Warriors Tribe.

AfriOceans Warriors - Our First Tribe Pledge

Learners shared their feelings today about being part of the launching event, the awareness hike in December 2009: Farouz: “On behalf of the school we want to thank you for allowing us to be part of such a significant event.” Mark:”We realise that by not caring for our environment we are destroying our future. We take everything for granted and we need to change the way we do things.” Miche’: “It (the AfriOceans Warriors hike) made me feel part of something much bigger than myself.”, Yohari: “I did something for the world!” Mathew: “I was grateful to be part of the hike, and glad there are people out there that care for the world, and I am one of them.” Clare:”I’m more aware now, when my friends litter I explain why they need to care and take action to save our planet.” And below is a letter written by one of the learners who missed the hike, and who desperately wants to be part of the Tribe:

AfriOceans Warriors - Our First Tribe Pledge

Watch the AfriOceans Warriors video.

Thank you to each young Warrior who signed up today, to David and Leonie, Head and Deputy Head of Muizenberg High, two of our Chief Warriors, and to the other special people helping to drive this initiative. The youth are our future, they hold the power to make the changes desperately needed to save our planet. Empowered, these young warriors will fight for what is rightfully theirs, healthy oceans, healthy environments, upon which all of humankind depend. Watch the AfriOceans Warriors, they will make a difference!

AfriOceans Warriors - Our First Tribe Pledge

AfriOceans is an ACTION organisation and we aim to win an army of Ocean Warriors, millions of young people all over the world, who will help us to make a difference. The proof is not in what we say but in what we do – this might be a humble beginning, but so too is the tiny acorn.

To achieve our goals we need help – if you can help us with funding, time or skills, email me on Two certainties: there is no moment like now, in fact that is all that is real, and each one of us can make a difference, no matter how small.

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