CITES: Goodbye Spiny dogfish

Lesley Rochat LIVE FROM CITES: Vote for spiny dogfish proposal to be listed on Appendix II: For=60 Against=67 Abstentions=11 PROPOSAL REJECTED!

It could have been worse if the porbeagle shark didn’t make it…

I’m going to go with Len, Marie, Ed and Jupp, all from the Shark Research Institute, and other marine NPOs for a few beers tonight, to celebrate the one victory, to drown some disappointment and to plan our next strategy…

  1. Jose PalazzoJose Palazzo03-23-2010

    Don´t despair, folks, there´s still a good chance to bring back the hammerheads and whitetip in Plenary! Struggling from down here in Brazil to get Latin delegations to move for it. Good luck and thanks for all your good work!!!

  2. Lesley RochatLesley Rochat03-23-2010

    Thanks for the support and hard work your side Jose. Just heard the Japanese or Chinese, not sure which, no doubt both, are going to try and undo porbeagle so we are not there yet! If we can get hammerhead back that would be brilliant – there’s talk that the voting boards are faulty and all votes might not be counted…Will keep blogging and keeping all up to date. It’s not over until the last vote! Regard, Lesley

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