Diving with Tiger Sharks & Blacktip Sharks Part 1

Blacktip sharksI have just returned from a shoot, diving and photographing the blacktips and tiger sharks along Durban’s South coast. Though the conditions were not ideal, bad viz and rough seas mostly, the sharks were spectacular, and the company kept with other passionate shark conservationists and good friends was really special. As soon as I have sorted out some photos, I will blog and share more…

Watch my space!

  1. Jacques de VosJacques de Vos05-10-2010

    Really enjoying your blog and there are some seriously awesome shots in it and amongst your photographer section!! Thanks for the amazing work you’re doing.

  2. Lesley RochatLesley Rochat05-11-2010

    Hi Jacque, thanks for the support, appreciate. I’ve seen your work too, you have great talent, well done. Since we are in the same area, why don’t we share a dive sometime with cameras in hand? You can email me direct: lrochat@iafrica.com. Kind regards, Lesley

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