Ocean Mother

I rushed to catch the magic light the other day to take these shots, but forgot to charge up my battery and to take the tripod plate, so it was very tricky indeed! The light changed rapidly, and within minutes it was dark. I like the colour change of the two photos, they inspired me to write a poem. Herewith I share 2 verses and perhaps more in time…

Lesley Rochat Photography - Beach Scenes: Ocean Mother
Ocean Mother By Lesley Rochat

Oh Sea, you caress me with your fresh breath!

Your water touch, like smooth silk against my skin,

The liquid in me flows with yours,

Submerged in you I become one with you,

For me you are Peace and Wisdom complete.


Lesley Rochat Photography - Beach Scenes: Ocean Mother

Life support to me you are and all that exists,

The air I breathe, the fresh water I drink, you generously give,

My joy, my teacher and my guide,

I come to you to find answers no one else can provide.

  1. mermanmerman05-20-2010

    Beautiful words, beautiful photos.

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