Whale Massacre Verdict Pending

Whale Massacre Harpoons hover midair as greedy whaling nations eagerly anticipate being given the green light to legally slaughter thousands of whales worldwide when this week the vote will be taken at the International Whaling Commission in Morocco to either lift the ban on commercial whaling for the first time since 1986, or not. Japan has aggressively been securing votes by whatever dubious means and last I read they were still short of the 75% required to overturn the ban. But you can be sure, just like the CITES I attended; they and their allies are working to change that as I write.

The war is on again, albeit it unevenly stacked in financial terms, and in the other camp petitions, pleas, and demonstrations have been running for weeks leading up to this convention, the power of the people being called upon to stop the ban from being lifted. The global public by large are vehemently against it. But will our voices be loud enough to suppress the greed of whaling nations intent on swelling their coffers further with the blood of one the most majestic and highly intelligent animals we share this planet with? Is it not murder? What punishment will they pay if they succeed, and along with the rest of our dying oceans our whales are eventually all gone too? Will they serve life imprisonment, electric chairs, or be harpooned to death as they should be? Dramatic, you might say, but if you appose my position you are in my opinion clearly either ignorant regarding the realities of how bad things really are, working for, or paid by  government, or industry, or some other bureaucratic institution, or someone holds the purse strings and thus either limits your ability of free-thinking, or you simply have none, and for sure you are not an activist or true lover of this planet and her bounty of beautiful creatures who each deserve a right to life no less than ours. I care less, move onto to another site if you don’t like it.

Having cleared that, note this, I am totally and absolutely against this ban being lifted, I do not agree with giving these nations a finger (legalizing limited quotas) so they eventually take the whole arm. I am for the loophole of the slaughter for ‘scientific’ purposes being amended, of no whales being murdered whatsoever. There are 6.7 billion cancer cells living on this planet called humans, and spreading, slowly killing their host and eventually themselves. We are losing species at alarming rates not known in history, environments we depend upon for our own survival are literally disintegrating; because of humanities wrong doing things are changing so fast that we can’t even see it, and things are going to get a lot worse. ‘Adaptation’ is the new buzz word in the spheres in the know.  It’s not like the people in power don’t know the scientific facts but they still play ostrich, ostrich and bury their heads further, resembling Richie, Ritchie with dollar signs reflected in their eyes.

Is the oil spill devastation, the CITES failure to protect species, the extinction list growing longer every day, the awful animal cruelty, the waste of resources dumped at sea, the famine, sick and homeless, the wars, the atrocities unspeakable, the collapse of societies and our environments, just to mention a few, not enough to realise the extreme folly of mankind? The leaders in the world today have the power to change things, but I do not hold my hopes on them being spiritually evolved enough to recognize the impact of their choices on the future wellbeing of humanity. I believe it is you, reading my blog, and me and everyone else out there who can change things, for our own sakes, for the sakes of our children, for the sake of the whales and their young, and all the beautiful animals so senselessly killed. We need to make wise choices every day in what we eat, what we buy, how we live our life.  We need to speak out, become eco-warriors.  And we need to stop just taking and taking, we need to give back, this is our duty toward a planet that so forgivingly and generously keeps nourishing us.  This is what I believe and live.

Say a prayer for the whales, will you…

Visit these links: Sign petition: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/whales_last_push/?cl=616046702&v=6634 Shark Research Institute Whale Campaign: http://www.sharks.org/pdfs/SRI-Special%20Report-Whaling-Campaign.pdf

Images courtesy from the SRI Whaling Campaign report.

  1. Wayne MorrisonWayne Morrison06-20-2010

    Lets stand behind Lesley and stop the senseless slaughter of these beautiful animals. I vote for a complete ban of all whaling !

  2. TerryTerry06-20-2010

    Lesley,you are right again. It is our responsibility and duty to stop these muderers killing the whales. Why is it always the same nations involved?
    Why does $ give them the right to destroy our future and our childrens future. Lets support AOCA ‘s stance on a ban on all forms of whaling forever.
    Leave the whales alone, what have they ever done to us?

  3. DanielDaniel06-21-2010

    I am currently a studying marine biologist student, I have travelled many parts of this world, experienced many things, and spoken and learnt from many people.

    And the one underlying tone, is simply. we a just a primate, an out of control, naked ape with the worst features – a brain with a misplaced conscious.

    people everywhere complain about global warming, the effects of so many people, the effects of current change, changing temps, and distribution of species or the elimination of species due to this. We place a blame on industry, and although our effects have helped increase these rates of change, they not hold a candle to the simple natural processes that are happening to our planet.
    Put simply, we are just an ant farm being smashed with the natural elements.
    The Earth is changing, and we are just another organims on this planet riding it out, the difference is, our ideology places us as some sort of supreme being against the rest and so we should survive at whatever cost….
    What misplaced arrogance is this.
    It is this mindset that is why, why all the natural processes go on (tectonic plate movement, orbital effects, and the results on earth), the organism, the life we have now are severely under threat.

    Humans have built up this dominant ideology to the point that we believe we can harvest anything on this planet as a resource. The Japanese find loop hole so they can feed their people whale meat, and worse, slaughter 20,000+ dolphins a year to cover their whale ,meat loss.
    Other nations uphold relentless shark finning, killing up to 250,000 sharks a day to support the billion dollar industry,
    Japan and others slaughter populations of apex fish species like blue fin tuna, this species, that was once used to feed entire roman armies, is now on the brink of extinction to provide a delicacy item for rich patrons and sushi throughout japan.

    There is very little hope that can be placed in government decisions, even at meetings with NGO’s, the issue at hand here is simply money. Japan buy other prostituting nations to allow them to enter these international meetings so they can vote japans way, OR provide other nations with supplements to also vote their way or turn a blind eye.

    For me as young university student constantly learning of the simple fact that the human race, in all its ideology assumes it can rape the world of every resource it has to support the out of control population is crippling.

    The only way to stop these things happening to our oceans and to our world is to gain the attention of people from the public, from the people that arent controlled by pay outs, that wont prostitute their nation or people for some dollars. It is up to US, the people that hear the call to do whatever we can to support these causes and put an end to this.

    for me though, it seems the only way this will happen is at ultimate sacrifice, to gain attention, not to blow up the ships that are whaling etc, but worse. I think of Diane fossey, who saved a gorilla species form extinction by fighting to protect their mountain for over a decade, only to finally be murdered resulting in the final realization on enforced protection form the high powers to protect the mountain.
    Change can only arise through the actions of the minorities..its written throughout history, and it only supports the human ideology, that the mass of virus will consume and consume until a minority will stand up against it, to which more individual can realize the truth, or will silence them to feed the population.

  4. Verona SmithVerona Smith06-21-2010

    I find it hard to read the article on whales as I feel their pain and I hear their cry for help. I know that killing whales sensely, is hurting me for I am connected to them, just as each and everyone of us is connected to our world of animals and plants. We are destroying ourselves and part of the essence of who we are. Why is it that we are blinded by the illusion of what wealth will bring us, forgetting the devasting price we will pay – the ultimate extinction of so many species? Do we realize that our greed for more and more are the nails that are driving our very own coffins closed?

    I am reminded of William Wordsworth who wrote the following sonnet during the Industrial Revolution. I can only imagine what he would have written had he been alive today and seen the deplorable murder of our animal and plant kingdoms. I quote the first five lines: "The world is too much with us/ Getting and spending we lay waste our powers/Little we see in nature that is ours/We have given our hearts away/What a sordid boon!"

    Lesley, I agree with your totally outspoken words about people who fail to see that their unwise decisions are purely based on profit, generating more and more consumerism, and killing everything to realize this insane mode of plundering and "getting and spending". We have the audacity to call ourselves intelligent. How dare we? We are spiralling into an insane world of stupidity!

    I beg you readers to give up your unconscious living. Wake up, wake up and see the truth, see through the illusion and make a difference! Lesley has shown us that one person can make a difference. What difference are you making? Are you pointing to the polluted river or are you cleaning it up??

  5. Lesley RochatLesley Rochat06-24-2010

    Thanks for all the comments and for sharing your views, I appreciate it. Let’s keep the good fight going, we have to. Regards, Lesley

  6. PaulPaul07-02-2010

    yes i agree .


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