Illusive Sardines & Moon Eclipse

I might have missed seeing a single sardine this last week past while on a photographic expedition of the thus far illusive sardine run, but not all photographic opportunities were lost when I was privileged to witness another spectacular global event, the Total Lunar Eclipse on the 15th June.

Lesley Rochat Photography - Moon EclipseA lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth, and where the Earth prevents the rays of our Sun from striking the Moon and thus making the Moon appear a darker red colour. It occurs when the Sun, Earth and the Moon are exactly aligned, with Earth in the middle, and can only occur on a full Moon night. This has not been seen since February 2008 and will only occur again in September 2015.

Lesley Rochat Photography - Moon EclipseIn total awe and wonder I sat on the evening-damp grass, taking a succession of images of our beautiful Moon, which is 3,474 kilometres in diameter, weighing 7.35×1022 kilograms – that’s 735 followed by 20 zeros – and watched Earth slowly cast its shadow to completely replace the Moon’s normal bright white light with a striking orange glow. Truly an awesome sight that not too many witnessed, but that those in Southern Africa had some of the best chances of seeing.

Lesley Rochat Photography - Moon EclipseAnother four years to wait to witness this again but pleased to hear only a few days to wait before I join Walter Bernardis of African Watersports again to see the sardines, which reports have assured me have finally decided to grace us with their presence, can’t wait…

Find out more about my last sardine run experiene with African Watersports here…

Watch my space!

  1. George GatlinGeorge Gatlin06-23-2011

    Wonderful shots of the Lunar eclipse. Thanks for sharing with those of us unable to see it here.

  2. NatureboyNatureboy06-23-2011

    Sorry the sards were so scarce! Hope the trip was memorable in any case 🙂 Glad to have you back, all the best !!!

  3. Ismael Amrani KhaldiIsmael Amrani Khaldi06-24-2011

    Wonderfull blog Lesley,i'm looking for the link to follow your blog to post it in my group and others groups i know,cause is very intersting for the teenagers i help in their passion for sharks,if you want i can send you my last teenager i've helped to prepare her first conference in France today
    You make a wonderfull job,and i would like to thank you again for Katerien Vandeveld for to pics she was looking for:):)

  4. Lesley RochatLesley Rochat06-27-2011

    Thanks everyone for kind words and support, always appreciate positive comments and knowing I'm being watched :-} My pleasure to help Katerien, she is doing wonderful work with great passion. Warmest to all, Lesley

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