Rethink the Predator – Bahamas

Divesite - Bahamas It’s been a very eventful and busy few weeks: since our Lottery grant was finalised we have been up to our eyeballs in setting up offices and getting our exciting AfriOceans Warriors programme off the ground, I have given a talk at the Whale of an Equation Conference held at Muizenberg to 500 strong, plus I have had the privileged to be taught to freedive by one of South Africa’s leading freedivers, Trevor Hutton, which I will share more about in another post. And today AfriOceans launches our new series of RETHINK THE PREDATOR awareness campaign productions, RETHINK THE PREDATOR – BAHAMAS, a slide show production of my photographic expedition to the Bahamas a few months ago.

I聽am honoured to have my images make up this slide show and look forward to working on the many others planned in the future as part of this new AfriOceans series – see the production link below. In addition, another of my articles has been published in the beautiful DIVESITE magazine this month, with one of my shots glossing its cover. The article begins like this:

I鈥檓 in paradise: not a single sight of land only a magnificent turquoise ocean yawns endlessly before me, merging with the equally expansive blue sky, as though they are one. Looking down from the Dolphin Dream vessel, about 30 Lemon Sharks and two large Tiger Sharks, whose stripes I can count through the gin-clear water are swimming around the bait box placed on the sand about six metres below on the famous dive site, Tiger Beach. I breathe the moment in, and let out a loaded sigh of relief; I鈥檓 in the Bahamas with the sharks, finally!

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Watch my space!

  1. mermanmerman08-15-2011

    love it Les!! what beautiful photos and such a powerful message. your work is always outstanding and poignant! yours always, merman 馃檪

  2. Lesley RochatLesley Rochat09-13-2011

    Comments received via FaceBook/ the Divesite:

    Lesley Rochat 路 Founder, Executive Director, Principal Photographer at AfriOceans Conservation Alliance
    Thanks everyone for the kind words and support re RETHINK THE PREDATOR – BAHAMAS, really appreciate it. If you are interested to read about my expedition to the Bahamas to gain the images for this campaign then you can download the article which appears in the beautiful DIVESITE magazine this month here – and do consider subscribing to DIVESITE:

    Daryl Glass 路 Vaal Triangle Technikon: Stunnig pictures. Wow, well done Lesley. I hope this amazing fooftage will help save these beautiful animals.

    Lesley Rochat 路 Founder, Executive Director, Principal Photographer at AfriOceans Conservation Alliance
    Thanks Daryl, has been viewed by the legal advisor to the Minister in support of our WANTED! DEAD or ALIVE? lobbying campaign…every bit helps in educating them.

    Fern Perry 路 Owner at Lutwala Dive, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia
    Well done Dive Site magazine and Lesley for this awesome video.

    Marvin Fisher 路 Vancouver, British Columbia
    Great video….we're running out of time before humans screw up the oceans for good!

    Janine De Villiers 路 University of Cape Town
    A powerful message for protecting our sea creatures – and stunningly beautiful photography!

    Chris Sayer
    Will Nel and David Doyle check this out!

    Les Vaughan
    Wow! thanks for this Chris…..what a profound message!

    Hilda Longster 路 Alnwick Teachers Training College
    Education and beautiful interaction like like this helps to bring awareness of the plight of our oceans. More of the same please.

    Small Cape Tours
    Most beautiful photography……and frightening information about man destroying the heart of our planet….the ocean….

    Clare Lindeque 路 Friends with Andrew Taylor
    Beautiful images – just makes me sad that we need to use bikinis to sell even shark conservation… Real blow for the feminist movement there!

    Wayne Thornley
    I've always thought feminists in bikinis were a damn fine idea.

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