Students help us make a difference!

Unbeknown to me there are wonderful people helping us make a difference! Recently I received a delightful email with photos from Fazlin Pheiffer informing me that her and some of her classmates from the University of the Western Cape had been helping AfriOceans raise awareness about our work and in particular our shark conservation efforts. Here is the email detailing their efforts, which I would like to share:

“As first year students at the University of the Western Cape we were given an assignment involving the joining of a non-profit organisation in aid of conserving our natural environment. After endless browsing and trying to find an organisation we were all comfortable with, someone recommended the AfriOceans Conservation Alliance.
We visited the web page and agreed on it without hesitation. We discussed how we would raise more awareness and also how we could personally contribute and show our interest. We joined your Facebook group, followed you on Twitter and ‘retweeted’ your tweet, signed your online petition against shark slaughtering and joined your mailing list. Still we thought this was not enough. To make more people aware of your hard work we handed out pamphlets asking people to sign the petition and we made a few posters portraying the result of human ignorance and greed on our marine life. We really learnt a lot from the AfriOceans Conservation Alliance. After reading up and watching the videos on your Rethink the Shark campaign, we realized that sharks are not the man-hunters the media portrays them to be.

Evidently the public we came in contact with were also under this impression.Your campaigns and initiatives have really showed us the bigger picture and we will continue to support you every step of the way.

Keep up the great work AfriOceans, you have made a difference.

UWC Students: Team members: Fazlin Pheiffer, Zaytoon Jedaar, Kaylin Breda, Thesmorensa Jacobs.”

These are true AfriOceans Warriors, taking the initiative to make a difference, a huge thank you to you all! You are an outstanding example for, not only other students, but for all the other adults out there wondering how they can help save our oceans. Making a difference is simple like these proactivel students discovered, you just step into ACTION and DO SOMETHING that will help save our oceans! So, what have you done recently to match their efforts?  Visit the AfriOceans website to find out more about our work.

Watch my space!

AfriOceans Students
AfriOceans Students
AfriOceans Students

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