After returning from London last week one of the first emails I received was a link to the Dive Site’s blog post about the sevengill sharks that were being caught for their livers for the white shark cage diving industry. Since I was already working with the media on a piece about our lobbying progress, which includes this species, I notified them immediately. A copy of the article printed in the Weekend Argus newspaper is on the AfriOceans website – see link below.

Since this issue was fraught with industry politics and my blog is read by local ocean users I’d like to inform that though, being an activist with an opinion and therefore the target of criticism, I occupy my time with more important things like being a conservationist and therefore have none to waste on petty politics, leaving it to those with less important things to do.

Regarding the sevengill sharks, I acted on behalf of my Board and the organisation I represent, AfriOceans, and my obligation as the Executive Director to fulfil our mandate which is to be ‘The Voice of our Oceans’. I therefore invite you to follow this link should you be interested in what our opinion is regarding this matter and what we are striving to do to save our sharks, and how you can help, if you so choose. WANTED! DEAD or ALIVE?

AfriOceans is growing and many exciting projects will soon be announced. It is wonderful to see that after taking back our name, instead of allowing a sponsor to force us to hide it while using our organisation and skills to build their own brand, and not being forced to compromise our integrity by being dictated to re what we are allowed to do and say, just because someone else held the purse strings, has opened up so much to us as we go from strength to strength. I thank my team, the AfriOceans Board, our legal advisors, volunteers, supporters, collaborative partners, and sponsors. It is amazing how much like-minded people can do when we stand together!

Watch my space!

  1. mermanmerman04-18-2011

    hey les, right behind you on this one, keep it going girl, love what you do and the fight in you. wish it was contagious, maybe then we could save this planet!

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