AfriOceans Warriors

I believe the youth are our future and I have always run projects to educate the youth. After giving a talk to a group which included 200 high school children, so inspired where they that together with a team of wonderful people, I developed the AfriOceans Warriors concept. It began when 400 children walked 8km along our coast, formed a symbolic SOS on the beach before walking to their destination where they handed over a scroll to select dignitaries. The scroll, which they had signed, highlighted there concerns about our oceans (see short video below).

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The AfriOceans Warriors evolved into a 3-year environmental education programme involving thousands of South African children and is proudly funded by the National Lottery of South Africa. The Programme is unique in its approach, it empowers the youth to become a member warrior of a unique African tribe who take action for our oceans. These young AfriOceans Warriors take ownership of their natural heritage and become leaders of awareness campaigns for Africa’s Oceans. The campaign encourages a reflection of African tribal roots and culture where profound values and empathy for the natural environment and animals is reflected. Armed with the correct knowledge and tools these young AfriOceans Warriors take positive action in order to raise awareness and help save our oceans. They are the Voice of Africa’s Oceans!

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