I believe that educating and raising public awareness is key if we are to save our sharks and our oceans. I therefore have embraced every conceivable means of communication possible from running shark protests, to educating children, designing aquarium displays, writing books, making movies, giving teacher workshops, opening a shark centre, giving talks, and so much more…

As a campaigner my main objective is to raise awareness about critical issues facing our oceans and sharks, and thus win support to motivate change. Given limited funding, the process is slow but steady and persistence and perseverance are key to successful campaigning. I am grateful to the many people who have helped me in my campaigning work.

My Campaigns

Rethink the shark

Campaigner: Rethink the Shark

Rethink the predator

Campaigner: Rethink the Predator

Anti-Shark Net Campaign

Campaigner: Catches Anything, Kills Everything

Deep Freedive for sharks

Campaigner: Deep Freedive for Sharks

The Oceans Speak Out

Campaigner: Living Oceans

Keep the Oceans Clean

Campaigner: Keep the Oceans Clean