Rethink the Shark

The mindless slaughter millions of sharks every year is not the only problem we are up against in saving sharks but also the poor perceptions people have of sharks, one we can initially thank Peter Benchley for, and his novel turned cult movie called JAWS. It portrayed sharks as bloodthirsty killing machines with an insatiable appetite for humans. The film resulted in the intentional slaughter of many innocent animals; it branded sharks as man-eaters and instilled fear and loathing of them, a perception the irresponsible media perpetuate.

In order to help me put this hocus portrayal of sharks into perspective, my Panda award winning Rethink the shark campaign was born, which consist of a poster series as well as three TV ads. A big thanks to Saatchi & Saatchi and Groundglass who helped me to create this awesome campaign, and for the support of the Two Oceans Aquarium.

Rethink the shark – toaster

Rethink the shark – kite

Rethink the shark – chair

Rethink the shark – Meet Wilson!>

Saving sharks is a serious business and adding a sense of humor to this campaign helps to draw people’s attention to the message I am driving. In this sequel to the first three Rethink the shark TV ads, my very talented nephew, Andrew Mc Nally, and a team of his friends, during their final year at Animation School, created this awesome ad for me – thanks guys, you rock, just as much as Wilson!