I am the author of educational and children’s books. I believe in investing in our children who are our future, inspiring them to become ambassadors of our oceans.

Sharks – Teacher Handbook

Sharks teacher handbook - Lesley RochatWriter and Creative Director Lesley Rochat: What was lacking was a good book which provided key information on sharks as an educational tool. I therefore decided to write it myself – it includes 8 chapters, divided into a Core Knowledge section for the teacher/adult, followed by activities, linked to the curriculum, for learners. A great mini bible on sharks. Copyright of this book belongs to AfriOceans and myself as the author.

ABC of the Seas

ABC of the Seas - Lesley RochatWriter and Creative Director: Lesley Rochat: This ABC children’s book has fun rhymes and delightful illustrations done by Adam Carnegie. It is a truly beautiful book that excites kids and adults alike. SeaSmart Kidz is my creative concept and now forms part of a series books for children.

Marine Activity Book

Marine Activity - Lesley RochatWriter and Creative Director Lesley Rochat: This marine activity book I adapted from one done by the Two Oceans Aquarium for children up to age 6. The book is also in Arabic and forms part of the SOSF SeaSmart Kidz series. Adam Carnegie did the artwork.

Febee the Turtle

Author and creative director Lesley Rochat: I was given a very long documentary to watch about a turtle that was tagged and tracked, and turn it into a short story for children. It is a delightful little book, and I do so love writing for children – in those moments of writing for them, I become a child again. Adam Carnegie once again turned my words into delightful pictures that not only kids love, but adults too.