I like to think of myself as a spiritually aware being who has made my spiritual growth my silent obsession. My compassion for other life resulted in me making a choice as a teenager to become a vegetarian. I held the belief that it was barbaric to eat other sentient life that gave birth and nurtured its young as humans do. Eventually I became vegan.

As I matured, and while unhappy in the corporate world I was caught up in, I believed that we are here for a reason, not to just take, but to give back, and that serving our beautiful planet and others, is a life well lived. I do nothing of importance in my life without asking God for guidance and believe that I was led to do the work I do.

Though the process to change took three years of career counseling, daily mediation, and much soul searching, there were two events, which shaped my destiny: One day while on my way to my office in the city where I ran a successful financial advisor business for 9 years, a radio presenter was talking about what one would want to be remembered for. I thought about my life, projected myself to my deathbed, and what I would feel about my life lived looking back. I imagined the great financial success, which was imminent on the path I was on, and all it would bring, and I felt empty.

Then a few months later I met an extraordinary shark named Maxine who showed me the way. For the rest of the story of how this special shark changed my life, and how I influenced a decision to set her free after she had spent nine years in captivity in the Two Oceans Aquarium, watch this short film.