Module 1: Theory

The aim of this module is to assist you with the basic photography knowledge, or a refresh on what might be a little rusty, and ideal for helping you improve your wide angle, underwater action photography.  This module includes but is not limited to:

  • A recap of photography fundamentals
  • How to shoot fast moving underwater subjects
  • Best settings to ensure best results
  • Strobes versus natural light
  • Composition and moving subjects
  • Matching your equipment with your expectations
  • Challenges you’re likely to experience and how to solve them

Module 2: Theory comes to life

This module aims to get you out there and shooting and continues throughout the week. I assist you at sea and look at what you have shot, analyze and problem solve, and help you to achieve great results. I allocate time for each student and provide individual review, both at sea and daily after diving. The group image review sessions are a great way to share and learn from each other.

Module 3: Post Processing 

Because of the many hours I have spent processing images I am quick to select the best out of hundreds of images, identify problems and quickly fix these with only a few key adjustments in order to transform them into stunning and powerful images. In this module I teach you my tricks. This module includes getting images from your camera to computer and gives you tips necessary to organize, archive, and improve your images. Includes image manipulation using Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw and/or Lightroom. It is designed for the photographer who already has some basic Lightroom/Camera Raw and Photoshop experience, but it is also very helpful for those working with these software packages for the first time. It is essential to have either Lightroom or Camera Raw and Photoshop installed on your computer. This module includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • How I manipulate my images in Camera Raw/Lightroom to enhance images into killer shots.
  • Photoshop adjustments – my personal workflow.
  • Tips on salvaging images that are over or underexposed, poor composition etc. but great content and worth the effort.
  • Copyright and why it is important.
  • Preparing images for posting, best settings and apps for social media.
  • Preparing images for print.
All photos copyright: Lesley Rochat