Monthly Archives: Nov 2009

Protesting for our Sharks!

AfriOceans - Protesting for Sharks

In 2004 I ran a shark protest, yes, you heard right, sharks protesting for their rights! With the support of Saatchi and a number of volunteers, who pretended to be sharks holding protest boards out of the water, and during the Simon’s Town Festival, at which AfriOceans had a stall, we succeeded in raising awareness…

Sharks in Deep Trouble Wins More Awards!

Sharks in Deep Trouble Film by Lesley Rochat

I am proud to announce that my film, Sharks in Deep Trouble, has won yet another award, making it the sixth to date. It won Best Information Film Award, Film Category A, at the 36th World Festival of Underwater Pictures held in Marseille, France in November.I never had any idea when making the film that…