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Diving with Tiger Sharks & Blacktip Sharks Part 1

Blacktip sharks

I have just returned from a shoot, diving and photographing the blacktips and tiger sharks along Durban’s South coast. Though the conditions were not ideal, bad viz and rough seas mostly, the sharks were spectacular, and the company kept with other passionate shark conservationists and good friends was really special. As soon as I have…

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Sharks in Deep Trouble Wins its SEVENTH AWARD!

Lesley Rochat - Sharks in Deep Trouble

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR BEST OF FESTIVAL AWARD FOR SHARKS IN DEEP TROUBLE AT THE BENEATH THE WAVES FESTIVAL. Watch this award winning documentary. Warning: not for sensitive viewers. [youtube url=”” autohide=”0″] 1. Conservation Message Award, Montana Cine International Film Festival 2008. 2. Honorary Conservation Message Award, 3. Honorary Investigative Journalism Award, 32 International Wildlife…

Sharks in Deep Trouble wins a SEVENTH AWARD!

Lesley Rochat Photography - Sharks in Deep Trouble
[one_half]While I was working till the early hours documenting CITES, Sharks in Deep Trouble continued to help me spread the word on the other side of the world: it was screened at the Beneath the Waves Film Festival and it was voted “Best of Festival”. A huge thanks to Austin Gallagher, a fish biologist who specializes in…