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Whale Massacre Verdict Pending

Whale Massacre

Harpoons hover midair as greedy whaling nations eagerly anticipate being given the green light to legally slaughter thousands of whales worldwide when this week the vote will be taken at the International Whaling Commission in Morocco to either lift the ban on commercial whaling for the first time since 1986, or not. Japan has aggressively…

AfriOceans Warriors Score Green Goals for the Oceans!

AfriOceans Warriors Score Green Goals for the Oceans

The AfriOceans Warriors GOAL message: to have a cleaner, protected coastline, and save our oceans!What an amazing event we had yesterday in celebration of World Oceans Day and in line with the FIFA World Cup, which is being celebrated nationally! Our AfriOceans Warriors Environmental Education Programme, an initiative of the AfriOceans Conservation Alliance, teamed up…

Weekend Moods & Member of iLCP

Lesley Rochat Photography - Beach scenes

I am proud to announce that I have recently been appointed an Affiliate Member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) As a project-driven non profit organization, the iLCP’s mission is to translate conservation science into compelling visual messages targeted to specific audiences.Visit the website to find out more. Though I do not make…