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Shark Photography at Tiger Beach

Lemon sharks at night
[doptg id=”14″] “You’re living the dream Lesley!” was a comment on my Facebook wall when I announced I would be returning to the Tiger Beach in the Bahamas, a place that offers the best opportunities for shark photography. I’ve held an underwater camera for almost as long as I have been diving, which is over…

Rethink the Predator – Bahamas

Divesite Bahamas

It’s been a very eventful and busy few weeks: since our Lottery grant was finalised we have been up to our eyeballs in setting up offices and getting our exciting AfriOceans Warriors programme off the ground, I have given a talk at the Whale of an Equation Conference held at Muizenberg to 500 strong, plus…

Keep the oceans clean. Another compelling PSA from AfriOceans !

Keep the oceans clean
[youtube url=”” autohide=”0″] I have learnt that when you do good, good follows. It is a law of the Universe. So it was with Kelsey Egan, a lovely young, motivated and talented film producer and director who, having been inspired by the work we are doing at AfriOceans, approached me about a public service announcement…