Leonard and I had to catch an early flight out of Doha today and missed the last day of CITES, which perhaps was a good thing – the disappointment of the porbeagle success being overturned is great for all of us: The porbeagle previous success was reopened in a motion by Singapore and was voted down. Results: Yes 84, no 46, abstention 10.  It requires a 2/3 majority to pass.

There was also a second attempt by the USA who successfully opened the amended proposal on hammerheads, but then lost in a secret ballot vote. Results: Yes 76, no 53, abstention 14

The Chair only allows 3 countries to speak in favor and 3 against in Plenary. In favor was Saudi Arabia, Colombia and Australia. Against was Japan, China and Grenada. Based on that loss, the US decided not to reopen oceanic whitetip.

What can I say…I am glad I was not there. I have a lot to say but will save it for an article I am busy with for Africa Geographic…