Rethink the Shark

I’ve just got to say it: I love my job, I really do. It’s not really a job in the normal sense of the word, it’s my vocation and my passion lived through a portfolio of titles, or rather hats I wear. I’ve become pretty adept in swapping and changing them at lightening speed many times in a course of day. Though I often feel over-burdened and under pressure constantly with a million projects running simultaneously, I am filled with immense gratitude for being one of those fortunate to love their work and be supported by so many amazing people from all over the world. So, thank you!

In particular a very special thanks must go to my very talented nephew, Andrew Mc Nally and his creative team for our latest PSA, Rethink the shark – Meet Wilson. We launched Wilson a week ago and within 4 days he had received over 10 000 views on Youtube! I have watched it countless times now and each time I’ve just gotta smile! How this powerful production was created goes back to last year when Andrew, who was in his final year at animation college, approached me to help AfriOceans with a new PSA. As always I needed help with changing peoples perceptions of sharks, and since our original Rethink the shark PSAs had done so remarkably well, it was decided to expand on this existing campaign. Seeing the final project I was blown away – what they came up with, the character, the attention to detail astounded me – it totally rocks, such immense talent!  With all the attention on ‘shark attacks’, we believe Wilson will help us put the JAWS propaganda in perspective. Please help us spread this message our very cool dude, Wilson is bringing.

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Watch my space!

3 thoughts on “Rethink the shark – Meet Wilson!

  1. Terry says:

    Wilson reaches 15 000 views on Easter Sunday 6 weeks later. Awesome! Wilson is going to go far.

  2. Terry says:

    Wilson reaches 15 000 views on Easter Sunday 6 weeks later. Awesome! Wilson is going to go far.

  3. Rose says:

    Hi, I'm a new reader of your blog. I followed a link from The Dorsal Fin.

    I try- as a layperson, not a scientist- to raise awareness of shark conservation whenever I can. Breaking through the fear of sharks is difficult, and when I tell someone sharks only kill 5 people a year worldwide, talk about comparisons to what kills more often, people can see a new perspective. But of course the recent 5th shark-related fatality in Western Australia is going to be brought up because the media has seized it. Can you recommend what a regular every day person like myself can say in response? I can say it's unusual, still really low comparitively… etc., but if there's a better way to put this, I'd love to know. Seems like every time sharks gain a little ground, some media situation kicks it back down into pure fear territory again.

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