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AfriOceans Conservation is well known for its ability to create award winning awareness initiatives which have reached millions worldwide. We did it with our Panda award winning RETHINK THE SHARK campaign, we it did it with our award winning film, SHARKS IN DEEP TROUBLE, and now we do it again with another unique initiative, a high profile and meaningful education and awareness initiative, THE AFRIOCEANS WARRIORSFind out more about this incredible initiative that is spreading amongst the youth and making a difference in both their lives and for the Ocean environment.

AFRIOCEANS CONSERVATION ALLIANCE launches the AfriOceans Warriors Campaign 

The future of our Oceans, the life force of our planet, is under serious threat. A new era in conservation has started. A significant shift from awareness to action has begun. Time is not on our side, but the will to make a difference is.

SOS formation, Clovelly Beach by AfriOceans Warriors.  Photo by Michael Walker